2023 Board Activities for The Week of March 6

Mar 14, 2023 | Board Activity

The new 2023 Board of Directors has been working diligently in their first week in office, prioritizing items that need improvement or correction. 

Without laying the blame on any particular group of board members dating back to the 1990s, the current board has identified several problems in record-keeping, rule development, and general operations among the board. Additionally, we have found the communication between the board of directors and residents needs to be improved immediately.

No resident should have to search or seek out the bylaws, CC&Rs, rules and regulations, financial regulations, and board actions. There should never be any guilt felt by those inquiring. No board member should ever intimidate someone for merely asking for these documents. The question, “Why do you want to see these,” should never be part of the conversation. 

Here’s What We’re Working On

Financial Matters

Treasurer Cindy Cross has been working with the previous board to take control of the bank accounts. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as walking into the bank and changing the names. We must go through the State of Arizona and have the new bank signers registered on their records, which is in progress.

With the board’s permission, Marla Mason has been gracious enough to transfer necessary funds among the accounts to allow South Point to pay our monthly bills. We greatly appreciate her help.

To save money, we have purchased web-based financial software, which will allow us to complete the same duties as a recently retained bookkeeper. This will provide savings of over $2000 per year upon cancellation of the bookkeeper.


The new board has taken possession of all the board files. We will be looking into the retention periods to determine what, if any, can be purged. 

We are reviewing the rules and regulations we have provided to us to ensure they meet all of the following standards:

  1. Are they currently relevant?
  2. Were they legally adopted, and can they legally be enforced?
  3. Are they reasonable?
  4. Are they necessary?

We are working on determining what changes are needed to the CC&Rs. We will be sending this to the residents for a vote soon.

Security Video System

Director Tim Troyer will oversee the new Allo internet feed and research the hardware and technical infrastructure needed to install a camera system throughout the complex. Once we have the information, we will provide it to all the residents. This information will include the following:

  1. Access to the video feeds/recordings
  2. Any legal issues or concerns
  3. Any privacy concerns
  4. All costs associated with the system


South Point Homeowners Association now has a website located at southpoint.condos. The website has a document library for the residents to view the CC&Rs, financial reports, minutes, and other information (such as this update you’re reading right now!).

We also will be publishing a regular newsletter to keep residents updated. However, everything will be strategically done to avoid “information overload,” all while providing detailed information for those who want it.

Pool/Spa Heating

We are actively pursuing the most economical way to get the heat back on for the pool and spa and determining the quickest date this can happen. We await the necessary information and pricing to reveal to the residents.

Stairwell Issues

Due to their experience with contractors, owners Steve Cross and Doug Denisty will follow up with the contractor regarding repairing Building 4’s stairwell. They will report to the board with their findings and recommendations on proceeding. 

Roof Issues

Regarding the recent issue about satellite television antennas on the roof, the board will contact each owner to determine if they have a dish on the roof. This is merely an inquiry to determine which dishes were left behind by previous residents and which belong to current residents. No fines or assessments will be levied against anyone who advises us they still have a dish on the roof.

The board will review all documentation regarding antennas on the roof; however, we see a conflict in the fact that the CC&Rs mention no antennas can be on the roof. Yet, at some point, a set of board members allowed it to happen. As president, it is not fair to the residents to have some of the CC&Rs enforced while other portions are overlooked or neglected.

Illegal Dumping & The Trash Dumpster

A trash dumpster at the rear of a business, apartment, or condo complex adjacent to an alley will always be susceptible to people illegally dumping items into the dumpster. The board is looking into options for how to reduce the potential of people illegally using our trash dumpster.


If you have provided the key to your condo to anyone, whether a current or present board member or anyone else, it is your responsibility to retrieve that key or continue having that person maintain it. This is not a board issue.

Rescission of Drone Rule

Effective immediately, the rule regarding the flying of drones is rescinded. Drones are considered aircraft and are regulated by the FAA. Just as the board has no authority to tell Southwest Airlines they can not fly over the complex, the same applies to drones. 

In regards to the safe and legal operation of drones, all drone operators are aware they are required to take a basic FAA test which covers the safe and legal operation of a drone. If a drone operator were to fly, for example, a drone up to someone’s window for the purpose of peeping or harassment, this would fall under a violation of criminal law, not a violation of our rules and regulations.

A better way to address any safety issues regarding the use of drones would be to have it fall under a “catch-all” rule, such as “No resident’s conduct will jeopardize the safety of another person on the property.” This will be discussed and voted on by the residents when the board has determined the appropriate language.

Seasonal Potluck

The board would like to invite each owner to a potluck to be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, April 8th at Noon. We’d like to get to know you more, and for those departing back to your summer homes, send you off in style! Further information will be sent soon.

In Closing

We know this is a great deal of information to share within the first week of the new board, but as we have stated, we want to keep you informed of every step we take. It is imperative that each resident feels the board has their best interest in mind and that we’re aiming to do the best job for which you elected us to do.


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