Meeting Minutes for 02/06/2023

Feb 6, 2023 | Meeting Minutes


February 6, 2023 at 4 pm.


South Point Condo Complex Clubhouse.

Board Members Present

  • President Marla Mason
  • Vice Present: Arman Bombay
  • Treasurer: Julie Wallace 
  • Secretary: Tina Pate
  • Director: Sally Pate
  • Director: Doreen Denisty


Introduction of new bookkeeper: Teri Gibson was present to discuss expenses and her recommendation. Teri charges $197 per month. Metro tax will do our computation audit and tax returns every year. Teri reviewed HOA budget and past yearly expenses and expressed concern of our fees versus how much is going out. Teri’s recommendation was to do a special assessment of $2k per unit which would get $52k more in bank this year and then each quarter (like every 3 months) add another $500 each quarter so that would be another round of $62k so there would be $104k in savings. Board discussed past/current expenses.

Call To Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:25 pm.

Motion to Approve 01/09/2023 Minutes

Julie Wallace motioned to approve and Arman Bombay second the motion.

Treasurer Report

Checking Account Balance: About $2200.

Savings Account Balance: About $42,000.

Old Business

  1. Removal of Direct TV and Dish Network dishes from roofs by 3/1/2023- Arman stated that we are finding out more and more about the roofers 11 years ago and how they didn’t do roofs correctly and went around the dishes. Band-aid- 2 years and have to get them back. In 2011 -Extreme Roofing- They will not return Arman’s call. Marla reports to have 2 bids for building 4) . Vital Coating- $10,625 per building with a 20 year warranty and AZ Alpha Roofing LLC $20,365 (per building). Vital Coating stated that roofs should be checked every 2 years. Mohave Roofing-Sally going to get bid on building 4.

    Past board did not follow CC&R’s regarding dishes- however doesn’t specify this. Board discussed dishes that are damaging roof. If homeowners are currently under contract it is their responsibility to call to remove them off the roof and to move on patio on pole. Homeowners have until 3/1 to complete this and then they will be removed. Doreen stated the FCC governs Dish and Direct Tv and the FCC overrides any laws that the association has, meaning you cannot tell a person that they cannot have Direct TV or Dish, but can regulate where the dishes are to be located. Board made a mistake and informed all homeowner that they are no longer able to have Direct TV/Dish once their contracts are up. HOA going to lock access to roof as it is a liability.
  2. Roofs bids- Sally going to contact Mohave Roofing to get one more bid
  3. Increased monthly expenses 20% trash, 17% electric, 17% insurance, 26% pool services, ? water
  4. $40 per rental unit per month-Defer until March HOA meeting
  5. Old ByLaw says, “90” day rentals only” -this has been confirmed
  6. Create other avenues of creating revenue- Defer to next meeting** Issue is that all vendors have increased costs. $480 pool cleaning- as we are considered a semipublic pool. used to have pool volunteers. HOA has only increased monthly HOA twice since 2015. 2015-$215, 2019-$250, then 2022-$275. Board discussed priority level of 5 year plan and increasing condos dues. Special assessment has to go before the owners-51% of owners have to be in agreeance. Board discussed having a meeting with the other LHC condo complexes to gather ideas. However, there are several condos in LHC that are much bigger than South Point.
  7. Parking lot-(reseal) $5000- Defer to next meeting- not going to do it this year
  8. Security Cameras-Tami provided some information- Looked at legal rules- AZ doesn’t have special legal rules. Tami went to Sound Bank to see if they can come out for a bid. They charge one hour of labor for $95. Sound Bank recommendation was to put on all corners of clubhouse so it can be wired and put in a locked cabinet so board has access to it. Wireless- still need internet access. (If we go with Allo they will give HOA free internet for clubhouse). HOA is authorized to have video cameras as long it is not located where is one is expecting privacy. HOA would not have an alarm system, this system would be to review past footage if there was an issue raised.

New Business

  1. Increase condo fee’s (should have % increase each January) and/or special assessment- Defer until next meeting
  2. Prepare for AGM 3/5/2023 – print and handout budget to all homeowners.
  3. Heating pool/spa (May 2023-through 2024)-Board discussed heating usage prior (October, November, March and April). Tami stated prior Board would purchase two tanks for the whole year and that was the budget. Propane used to be cheaper during summertime. Board saved approximately $8k without heating pool/spa for 2022.
    -Julie motioned to continue to not heat the pool/spa for one more year. Arman-seconded it. Votes that support motion: Marla-Yes, Arman-Yes Julie-Yes, (Doreen & Tami -yes only if we can save money unless we increase monthly fees), Tina-No
  4. Master insurance policy update – Marla reported had another bid from Travelers Insurance. Our current insurance is going up to $11,700 dollars. Right now we can get if for $6913, however only difference is deductible for Acuity is $1k and Travelers is $5k. Overall, coverage is the same.

    Sally suggested getting new insurance deductible down. Marla is going to work on that. Insurance renews on 3/13/2023 and if we are one day past renewal date (Acuity) will charge us two months of premiums. Tami motions to accept Travelers policy for $6913 and to see if we can get deductible lowered. (Board is aware premium would have to be raised if deductible is lowered). Tina seconds motion. All Board Members in favor of motion.
  5. Update of building 4 landing- (Leaking)- Marla reported that Mansell Welding came back out and said when he poured cement it shifts and shrinks so he did cocked all the way around it. Marla asked if they will have to come back out and they said “we shouldn’t have to.”
  6. Trim palm trees May (blooming)- Marla reports that there is confusion regarding when this needs to be completed. Board always did them twice per year (January and May). Landscaper stated that we only need to do it once per year in May. Doreen is going to monitor the palms and notify Marla if they need done prior to May. (Oscar is unable to do it, so Board will have to find someone else to complete this. We pay $29 per palm). Board needs to hire someone to complete this. Doreen is going to research this.
  7. Replenished rocks completed in back of building 1, in front of building 2 and in back of building 2 and around the pool area. Need to replenish rocks around back/front building 4. Board would like to keep up on overall appearance of complex.
  8. Install new lights by on-premise sign-done
  9. Vendors (pool/Landscaper) -No concerns or issues. Board is pleased with both.
  10. A/C clubhouse- done
  11. Attorney Generals letter – “On 11/14/2022, the complaint of discrimination complaint alleging discriminatory housing practice was filed with division of civil rights. This is notice that the Unable to complete investigation with 100 days because division investigating is ongoing. The division is doing everything possible to expedite completion of this investigation.”
  12. Locks on roof access- Sally motions to install roof access locks on all buildings (3). Arman seconds. All Board Members are in support of this motion.
  13. No on sight caretaker (clubhouse) -Tina is going to flush toilets in the clubhouse frequently this summer. Doreen expressed how their needs to be someone in charge over summers as President and VP are not here. There have been renter issues in the past during summertime. Board commended Doreen for doing a great job handling issues/concerns last summer.

Future Business

Board discussed these need to be in our 5-year plan:

  • New light fixtures on front/back of units
  • Stairwells
  • Parking lot
  • Painting buildings
  • Re-roof tiled roofs (front sides of bldg.)
  • Re-roof bldg. 1,2 4
  • Paint Pool fence & repair – Sally is working with Bill to get a bid. -Cement
  • Marla and Doreen are the main point of contact for when Allo come in. Clubhouse gets free internet if we go with bigger package.


Marla Mason adjourned the meeting at 5:42 pm.

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