Meeting Minutes for Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Mar 5, 2023 | Meeting Minutes


March 5, 2023 at 1 pm


South Point Condo Complex Clubhouse

Board Members Present

  • President Marla Mason
  • Vice Present: Arman Bombay
  • Treasurer: Julie Wallace 
  • Secretary: Tina Pate
  • Director: Sally Pate
  • Director: Doreen Denisty

Call to Order

Marla Mason called the meeting to order at 1 pm.

Treasurer Report – 2023 Budget

Checking- approximately $7,900 (Tomorrow- insurance will be coming out of that of $6700-one time pay and haven’t deposited March HOA fees yet)

Savings- approximately $38,500

No homeowners had questions for Julie. 

President’s Report

Marla presented.

Homeowners inquired with Board regarding their concerns- why weightroom was removed, pool/spa heat turned off, issues with Board’s lack of communication, new rocks installed, bookkeeper. New ideas-outside realtor come in yearly to give suggestions on how to increase and maintain the values of the properties. Tension between some homeowners and some Board Members.

Vice-President’s Report

Roofs on building 1, 2, 4 & clubhouse/seal coated parking lot/new ac on clubhouse- Arman reported how building 4 is worse out of all buildings. 3-estimates for resurfacing roof. Arman had printed pictures to show bad spots on roof. 12 years ago Board paid $10k to get that roof done. Dishes damaging roof. All roof access to all buildings is going to be locked as it is a liability. Arman discussed warranty. Arman tried to get Extreme Roofing to come back but didn’t hear back. Tami stated that Board tried to get a roofers to complete yearly inspections however none show up. Board has not hired a roofer yet. Further discussion held regarding past work completed on roof. Arman reports contractor recommends that parking lot is to be resealed every 2 years. Arman reports new AC on clubhouse was recently installed with Kool Wave. No issues with AC.

Director’s Report: Doreen Denisty

Insurance Report: Our insurance was going to be $12k per year, therefore, we change insurance companies and now will pay a premium of $6720 per year, saving us $5280 per year. Same coverage, but deductible went from $1k to $2500. Allo-we signed a contract to bring in the fiber into SP. Doreen stated that Allo will come in at no cost to setup and provide free internet in clubhouse only as part of deal. Allo is fiber not digital.

Future Considerations

  • Stairwells on building 1, 2 & 4 -Discussion held regarding building 4
  • Seal parking lot every 2 years
  • Paint the buildings
  • Repair & pain fencing around pool
  • Roofs on building 1, 2 & 4
  • New lights on buildings and patio’s
  • Trim palms every May before they to into bloom

Nomination and Election of Board of Directors

Carolyn Rasmussen (former South Point President) arrives to handle the nominations and the election.  (Sally Pate & Dave Roberts) observed and counted ballots with Carolyn).  Carolyn will explain the instruction of voting and pass out ballots.

  • Marla- not standing
  • Arman-not standing
  • Tami’s -standingJ
  • ulie resigned and provided resignation letter
  • Tina-term is not up at this time 2024
  • Sally-term is not up at this time 2024
  • Doreen’s term is not up at this time 2025
  • Nominations & Proxy’s: (4 positions to fill on Board)
  • Michael Bires #329, Joan James #131, Tami Talbolt #223, Cindy Cross #332 & Tim Troyer #128 (all report to have no past felon convictions). All homeowners present and current Board Members voted (one vote per unit):

Elected-Michael Bires, Joan James, Cindy Cross & Tim Troyer


Marla Mason adjourned the meeting at 2:30 pm.

New Board Member Positions

New board members met after this meeting to delegate new board positions: (Board will be meeting within the next couple of weeks to hold monthly board meeting and to discuss terms).

  • President – Michael Bires
  • Vice-President – Tim Troyer
  • Treasurer – Cindy Cross
  • Secretary – Tina Pate
  • Director – Joan James
  • Director – Doreen Denisty
  • Director – Sally Pate

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